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    Commercial Aquaponics is a much more advanced form of farming.  Large tanks of fish are fed by a rotating auto feeder.  The fish are harvested and sold, and the young are reared seperately. Read More

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Thursday, March 05, 2015
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Commercial Aquaponics Growing Area

Hanging Tomatoes in Commercial Farm

Commercial Aquaponic Lettuce

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Home Aquaponic Systems                                                         

  Delux AquaponicsFountain of the DeluxeCondo PonicsCustom

      Fully Contained Unit in 3 sizes, and custom converts.     

  • Deluxe $3,500

         (Makes a wonderful Landscape Center Piece. Tiled as seen above)

  • Family $2,400

         (This is a smaller version of the Commercial Aquaponics set up)

  • Condo $600   

         (Perfect for a Condo Patio or Lanai, also used indoors, as seen above)

  • Custom Aquaponics

         (Converted furniture or Chest Boxes. Great for classrooms, as seen above)

  • Classroom Aquaponic 

         (this can be customized with viewing windows for educational purposes)

  • Custom Designs and Sizes upon request 

         (explore the artisitic side of Aquaponics)



Commercial Aquaponic Systems

 Lettuce in the Commercial System Commercials Green House Commercial Raft Aquaponics Commercial Tomatoes 

  • Installation

  • Commercial Design and Integration

  • Commercial Tank Sales

  • Aluminum

  • Wood/Fiberglass